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Screen Repair and Rebuilding

If you have window screens with loose or slipped screening material we can fix it! If you have screens that are ripped or faded, we can replace it with new material. If you have a pet that keeps climbing the screen and tearing it up, we can replace it with pet proof screen material. If you have screens with bent or broken frames or cracked corners, we can rebuild new ones for you.

Other Services

Pressure Washing

From Side walks and decks to Buildings and homes, whatever your pressure washing need we can take care of it.

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Hard Water Spot / Mineral stain removal

"Water Spots", "Water Stains", "Mineral deposits", no matter what you want to call it, It can cause dangerous glare when driving, decrease the value of your vehicle and permanently damage the glass if left on too long! The good news is it can be removed and prevented from coming back!

After restoring the glass to showroom condition we apply a glass barrier treatment that last up to a year before needing to be reapplied. This protects the glass from minerals sticking to it.  Be sure and check our specials for the month, as we like to run specials for this service through out the year.

BEFORE                                                       AFTER